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"Everyone has the power to heal
If they just take time
To let go and breathe
Only then will God's energy flow..."

T.R. Lamb           


is an

The Guiding Star of Atlantis has arrived and is ready to guide whomever wants to go on a life changing journey!!!

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Experience The
Journey Now

New photos now online!


For many years, I, Tom Lamb, have dreamed of building a Spiritual Healing Center where people who believe in the same spiritual quest can gather to heal themselves and have a more fulfilling life through only the interventions of a Divine Source. In this community of like minded people, we will share ideas and thoughts of the same beliefs of these powers and the abilities we posses to heal ourselves and each other through the Divine Energy.

I have been blessed with the ability to channel Gods Divine Energy, mix it with my Love and Passion, and create, among other things, two and three dimensional works of art that offer support to people who choose to heal.
Nancy, my soul mate who is also a very gifted artist with the ability to channel divine energy has joined me on this journey. I am blessed that we are walking together on the same path. We plan to place many pieces in The Center, where people can come and experience this positive life changing experience.

What is " The Center " all about?
What are we going to do there ?

Our intent is to create a Spiritual Community / Family of people supporting each other, with everyone participating in whatever way they can. 

We will have a community garden, with everyone sharing in its benefits.

  • A shelter for women / single mothers in transition.
  • A monthly gathering, such as:
  • A Christmas party for children and their families.
  • A gathering to celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving and other holidays.
This could include a meal and possibly a play and music to teach the children what that particular holiday is really all about.  We also will encourage the children and families to participate in these fun activities. 

We are both spiritual teachers and ministers of God.  We plan on incorporating teaching and God into everything that we do. We also believe in people taking responsibility and participating in creating what they need; whether it is food, clothing or shelter or whatever. 

We and other volunteers will be teaching art, organic gardening, music, building, sewing and whatever else there is a need for.  We will be asking for volunteers to help us offer these classes. 

One of our main goals is to teach children how to love and care for themselves and others, and how to love and care for Mother Earth.  To teach The Wonder, The Glory, The Power, The Unlimited Abundance, The Unconditional Love, The Wisdom, The Ever Present- Miracle that is God.  We believe that He will supply our every need.  All we have to do is walk in faith and trust, and surround ourselves with God's Light.  Share our happiness with others and it will multiply. 

" Your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the POWER of GOD"

1 Corinthians  2 : 5

We will also have our Art displayed, so that people will be able to bask in its Divine - Healing Energy. We have had some great, positive feed back from people that have had life changing experiences, during and after they were around the Energy of our artwork.

We also want to set up a shelter for animals that are in transition.

These are some of the goals that we have for “The Center “. But as we know, and have experienced in the past, God will guide us in the direction that He wants us to go. Sometimes, things seem to metamorphis from the original idea, and sometimes take on a life of their own. Our responsibility is to " Breathe " and allow what happens to happen!!! We believe in the truth -- " Think Big and allow God to create a Miracle ".  The other day I heard Joel Osteen say ..........

                 " I would rather believe in something great, and get half of it .....

                       Than to believe in nothing, and get all of it "!

                           As things progress, we will keep this page up to date.

                               Thank You for sharing our Dreams + Visions with us.

                                                                              Love + Light,

                                                                                    Tom + Nancy

:: If you would like to volunteer your services, please contact us by clicking here ::

:: View examples of our Spiritual Healing artwork now ::

I am creating a series of Healing Art Channeled from Atlantis and other extremely advanced, ancient civilizations - find out more on how the vision began and how you too can benefit from their power....

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The healing artwork of Tom and Nancy Lamb

''A Special Note''

I would like to say thank-you to a very, very special lady.
Nancy and I spent the winter of 1990 in Hawaii. While there, we met Auntie Bea. I would like to tell you again Auntie Bea, what an incredible blessing and privilege it is to know you. Because of your insight, your awareness, your warm Loving Heart; you changed my life, in a very positive-major way. You not only saw and felt something in me, but you had the Love to act on it. What you thought was a very simple act, changed my life. Even now, it continues to influence my life.
I thank God for the Gift of your friendship and for your Loving Heart.
You are truly an Angel on earth - a gift of Love from God.
For me, you are an example of pure Love, kindness and caring.

Thank you.




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